A place I love….Have a read!

SLF by Landa Crystal

The Beach Club Bird‘s-Eye View

Except for a few private residences, the SIM at WOLF’s CALLING at NASHOBA is completely open to the public and it is the labour of love of Kitchi Nashoba (FKA Chef!), and his SL partner.

From top to bottom : Available Rentals at THE SHOPS. The Café Areas

The SIM has countless amenities making it an ideal place to spend time with friends in a lovely atmosphere ready to be discovered. When you teleport in you will arrive at the entrance of WOLF’S CALLING (WC) AT NASHOBATHE SHOPS welcome area, where you will have access to free roller skates, walkers and bicycles. You can take the elevator to the Photo Studio or wonder into the Info Center and Visions Art Gallery. Shop rentals are available at very affordable prices in a chic town center environment towards the South and South-East of the SIM.

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